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A bit about our world.

So I was gonna do all this in depth shit about our system and who we are all and stuff but I think that might be going a bit too far so maybe just a bit about us all is called for. If anyone has any questions just let us know, we know it can all be a bit confusing haha.

Aria - 20, female. I’m the ‘host’ of the system. That means the one who is in charge of the body most of the time and is probably the one you’re talking to unless there is evidence otherwise. I’m a geek, nerd, dork, whatever you wanna call me. In love with manga and anime, all things Harry Potter, RPGs, writing, drama and maaaany other things.

Emmy - 4, female. The youngest of us here, but so smart and brave. She’s intelligent and a quick learner. She likes drawing and the colours blue and purple. She’s one of the most active in the system, wanting to come out and talk to people more than any of the others. She loves ice cream and her purple voodoo doll teddy. 

Alice - 7, female. Second youngest but one of the protectors of her system. She looks after Emmy and makes sure that the emotional memories she holds for the system don’t get out of control. She likes green and black and is rather demented as far as young girls go. 

Jezabelle - 14, female. Don’t EVER call her by her full name, she goes by Jez and wants to gut anyone who calls her otherwise. A bitch pure and simple. Loves FPS games including Modern Warfare 3 on the xbox 360 mainly because she gets to shoot people.

Sadie - 17, female. The sex maniac of us. She is a filthy little bitch. I think that says it all XD

Sebastian - 24, male. The only male of us and generally goes by Seb. He’s the smart one. Does a lot of reading, doesn’t come out to the front a lot as he spends his time watching and learning. Went to classes for the system sometimes during school and college.

Kiana - female. I don’t know how old she is, or much about her in general. She’s the main system protector and has a very tight rein on Jez to make sure the memories she has stay where they are meant to be. Basically her job is to make sure we are all safe in any given situation. She doesn’t trust easily and she likes to meet new people to make sure they are safe for us.

Raiyne - female. She presents herself as a dragon most of the time and lives in a cave next to the lake outside our internal house. She only ever comes out if no one else is able to, and basically just watches over the system. She can control who is ‘out’ most of the time unless someone has been triggered out by a situation.

OK so I know it all seems kinda confusing, but that’s an overview of those of us in here XD

Loving this shizzle.

So I’ve never really had a proper blog before. I used to have one for poems we’d written but it got forgotten about after a while and died. A moment of silence for the old blog please… thank you. I have to say I am quite liking this stuff, although I will leave it until tomorrow to make a background image for the thing.

Brilliant artwork from Uthena, a really talented friend of mine.
LOVE this!!

Inuyasha by Uthena

An amazing image of Inuyasha done by Uthena

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Inuyasha and Gir!

Gotta love this, Inuyasha is kinda like Gir XD

Inuyasha - Every side of you.

Also love Inuyasha, and this pic is most awesome. Rings true for us with all these people in one body.

Gorgeous Full Metal Alchemist pic

I love this pic, and all things FMA!